Thursday, October 07, 2021

FUR Want To Be ‘Anybody Else But Me’ Ahead Of Their Debut Album

Banking on algorithmic luck, FUR rose to fame fast and are determined to continue on that trajectory with new single ‘Anybody Else But Me’. 

Through live shows and hazy ’60s, Beatles-esque tracks, the Brighton based band have made a name for themselves, when most wafted through their student days in a daze of boxed wine and bad decisions. 


Yet, FUR is not your regular, clichéd indie student anecdote. In September 2018 the band signed with Nice Swan Records, home to Sports Team and Pip Blom. Soon followed a headline tour in 2019, sold-out shows at Omeara and a self-titled debut EP produced by Andy Sours (The Magic GangSorry and My Bloody Valentine). 


Now, ahead of the release of their debut album, ‘When You Walk Away’, FUR’s latest offering is a vibrant indie-pop number, where light-hearted grooves juxtapose confessions of a self-loathing introvert. Such lyrics, “I don't wanna feel like this / like this… all the people in my mind / were always so much better than I / could ever be if I tried…” border on depressing until wry non-lexical vocables out them for their own absurdity: “Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba”. Just like that self-flagellation becomes self-celebration, an anthem for the insecure. 


The imaginary pedestal other people are often placed on in our minds is also torn down in the accompanying music video, directed by Vasilisa Forbes. Although this time, the pedestal takes the form of creepy Halloween masks that are eventually shed, kissed, and cradled the band members, signifying that our inner critics can sometimes be useful, if treated with an appropriate amount of ridicule and indie-pop positivity.  


Fur’s debut album ‘When You Walk Away’ is out on the 5th November 2021. 


Elina Ganatra


Image: FUR 'When You Walk Away' Official Album Cover

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