Wednesday, October 20, 2021

We’ve Got Vincent George ‘Fever’ After His Latest Dreamy Single

London-based producer and songwriter Vincent George’s latest effort ‘Fever is an ethereal, road trip worthy synth pop bop. Built from a guitar downstroke recorded on an iPhone in his kitchen, this track was entirely self-produced in his bedroom during lockdown.

A very The 1975-esque intro greets us as soft wailing synths welcome us into Vincent George’s proverbial fever dream.

Swirling, repetitive synths then swell and fall just before the beat kicks in, emulating the discombobulation and lack of coherence of a fever.

A hard kick drum then joins the mix, coupled with the aforementioned iPhone acquired guitar, played in fast downbeat strokes. The guitar is well placed - setting the pace for the track along with the snappy, authoritative kick drum.


Much like the symptoms of a bad fever, time is obscured as George sings: “I’ve already texted like four times / twenty-four hours don’t feel right”.


Fever’ tells the story of how your mind can spiral away from rational thoughts when all the facts and figures are not in your possession.


The track is well produced, cleanly recorded and no part of the mix is overbearing or too loud. The hazy synths don’t dissipate throughout the whole cut, adding to the depth of the song, constantly swelling and wailing, leaving no empty spaces of silence. This is a solid effort by Vincent George, who has created a well produced and well written indie-pop track combining lyrical creativity with an impressive sonic vision.


Dan Jones


 Image: ‘Fever’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)


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