Thursday, October 21, 2021

Wallows share their inner heartache with ‘I Don’t Want to Talk’

Wallows are back with their new single ‘I Don’t Want to Talk’, the perfect combination of indie pop and heartbreak ballad. Californian rock trio Dylan Minnette, Braedan Lemasters, and Cole Preston make up the band and released their first EP ‘Spring’ in 2018, followed by their album ‘Nothing Happens’ in 2019.

This single is their first release after their deluxe EP ‘Remote’ in 2020 and the band also announced the news of a 2022 tour. With its pop undertones and cheerful delivery, ‘I Don’t Want to Talk’  is reminiscent of their debut EP 'Spring’ 

The song's narrative revolves around the anxieties that individuals may feel when in a relationship, and how, instead of sharing their concerns, they become consumed by them. “Realised the older I get/ I get more insecure/ If I don't have you by my side/ then I can't be sure”. The lyrics are angsty and illustrate the stage of a relationship where insecurities emerge and present challenges.  

‘I Don't Want to Talk' has a serene vibe, accentuated by a harmonica in the background. Layered vocals from the band's lead singer Dylan Minnette complement the track, enhancing its listenability. The fast-paced drums and guitar work together to create an uplifting atmosphere reminiscent of Wallows' ‘Pleaser’, which was released in 2017.  

With lyrics like, “So could you tell me that it's over, tell me that it's over/ Tell me that it's over now?/ Then I could shut this off”, the chorus captivates listeners and expresses the inner sentiments of many individuals who have shared this experience. Wallows are rightfully recognised for their ability to tell a tale while creating an incredible melody so naturally. 

The indie pop band has created a story about relationship uncertainty and denial whilst presenting it with a humorous edge. We can definitely look forward to this new yet nostalgic era of Wallows.  

Details of their 2022 tour can be found here. 


Lilly Hilton 


Image: 'I Don’t Want to Talk’ Official Single Cover


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