Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The_Meskimo Collaborates with Howe for Poetic and Melodic Love Song, ‘...The Stars Would Explode’

Encapsulating the intangible and often indescribable feeling of love is The_Meskimo's latest single, ‘...The Stars Would Explode’. 

Originally written as an instrumental by the Alaska based producer and composer, The_Meskimo, it was enhanced when musician Howe lent her vocals and lyrics.

The collaboration was ignited after the emerging artists linked up on MusoSoup, a community for creatives. 

Fusing ambient and atmospheric beats with honest and poetic lyricism, ‘...The Stars Would Explode’ is a love letter at its core. The track paints a melodic picture of emotion where each word, from verse to bridge to chorus, is utterly relatable - “you know if all my letters could flow/ if fear didn't make them run slow/ if I could tell/and if I could show”. Sometimes love cannot be put into words, and this song expresses that beautifully. 


On The_Meskimo's bandcamp, the track has been described as one of immense love, where you “write them a song, and if you could just put every note you had in your heart for them into it...the stars would explode”. 

The chorus is executed effortlessly, with Howe’s vocals complimenting the dreamy piano riffs:“all the love I have/ oh you know/ you know/ you know/ you know/ you know/ the stars would explode”.  It’s catchy, and almost hypnotic.


Subtle Alt-J and Tame Impala vibes can be heard in the melodies, yet it doesn’t detract from how fresh and original the track is. It’s shoegaze with an indie twist - and whilst it may not have been the original intention, we can’t imagine it any other way. 


There may be a lot of love songs out there on the market, but there’s something warm and genuine about ‘...The Stars Would Explode’. It truly was a collaboration destined to happen.


Naoimi Smyth


Image: The Meskimo Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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