Saturday, October 16, 2021

Welcoming Back WALK THE MOON With Their Second Single this Year, ‘Fire In Your House’—Plus a Legendary Feature!

The Alt-Pop sensation WALK THE MOON have followed up on their most recent single ‘Can You Handle My Love’ with ‘Fire In Your House’—a funky 1980’s inspired track, which they have dedicated to legendary the South African Musician and co-writer of the song, Johnny Clegg. 

The band are now preparing to release album number four, titled ‘HEIGHTS’, and embark on a twenty-date North American tour.

‘Fire In Your House’ has plenty to get your ears around, especially with its unique sonic elements that make this track attractive to just about anyone. Groovy, walking bass lines dance with afro-style percussion to create an intergenerational and genre defying track. 

This single has its feet firmly in 80s pop, incorporating vibrant electronic sounds, whilst maintaining a modern and fresh feel. This is the formula that WALK THE MOON have spent their careers perfecting, culminating in their most recent works. 

WALK THE MOON, who formed in Ohio, found their way onto the global airwaves in 2014 with ‘Shut up And Dance’ from their sophomore album ‘Talking is Hard’. ‘Fire In Your House’ shares the upbeat, pop-y vocals that made that track a floor-filler, but with a more complex approach to musicality and an introspective lyrical theme. All around, this album is set to be multi-dimensional and intriguing, without losing any of the fun that we expect from this band. 

Johnny Clegg’s stamp on this track is in more than just memory as he features both as a writer and in the new wave inspired video, which includes clips from the Cleggs & Savuka hit videos including ‘Scatterlings of Africa’. The final verse of ‘Fire In Your House’ is in Zulu, both written and performed by Clegg and a clear nod to his work and roots in South Africa. Clegg made his mark on ‘Fire In Your House’ alongside his son Jesse, who was also his writing partner, before his tragic passing in 2019. 

‘Fire In your House’ is definitely one for the playlists. It possesses the ability to completely transform the landscape it exists within, adding a diversity you might not expect. If you are looking for something new and exciting without straying too far from the classics, then this is the one for you. 

Fire In Your House is out now and will be followed by its album ‘HEIGHTS’ on November 12th. 

Rebecca Clough-Pattison

Image: ‘Fire In Your House’ Official Single Artwork 

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