Saturday, October 16, 2021

A Sentiment Of Hope Exudes On ‘Think I’m Alright Now’

Alternative rock band Curse of Lono have made a definitive stamp on the scene with their prior records ‘Severed’ and ‘As I Fell’, and they continue to do just that on their latest single ‘Think I’m Alright Now’. Now fronted by Felix Bechtolsheimer, it is his apt reflection on coping with hard times and coming out of them stronger.

With sultry guitars and a sense of security in the track’s structure, ‘Think I’m Alright Now’ provides listeners with a laid-back comfort song. The four and a half minute runtime compliments the sentiment perfectly, as it is somewhat consuming in its simplicity.


After a ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’-esque build up with a layering of voices, the opening line (‘’I’ve been shaken but I think I’m alright now’’) dives straight into the song’s motifs. The repetitive electric guitar rhythm sets a steady pace – the track doesn’t have any unexpected crescendos or structural changes, which plays to its advantage as it links to the anxiety-soothing undertones of the lyrics, which assure the listener that ‘’they’re alright now’’.


The single artwork depicts an artistic vision of an otherworldly atmosphere, including an image of a lone car driving through the mountains. This excellently summarises the track, as the lyrics grapple themes of hardship and loneliness. ‘’I’m not solid, I’m not right but I try’’, and ‘’carried in the slipstream of your love’’ are just some examples of the soul-bearing lyricism, but hope is the overarching message of the song, evidenced by the key repeated lyric ‘’I was stranded by I think I’m alright now’’.


‘Think I’m Alright Now’ takes a different stance to their slightly more upbeat single ‘Let Your Love Rain Down On Me’, but both tracks feature prominent electric guitar instrumentation and metaphorical lyricism, which is surely an indication of what fans can expect on their upcoming album ‘People In Cars’.




Amrit Virdi

@_amritvirdi @thevinylwriter

Image: ‘Think I’m Alright Now’ Official Single Cover


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