Friday, October 15, 2021

Devin Reardon swoons for the seaside in charming new single ‘Take Me To The Coast’

Following his debut release ‘Ireland’, Devin Reardon is back with his latest track ‘Take Me To The Coast’. The summer-fuelled jangly groove is exactly what’s needed through these cold winter months.

Devin is originally from Florida but moved to County Wicklow. There’s no sense of this Irish landscape in this track however, the atmosphere is purely American.

The sun is shining down, the Cadillac is cruising and there’s not a cloud in the sky, unlike East Ireland. Yet it feels authentic, like Devin has been longing for the coast for quite some time.


The song begins with a woozy, lo-fi guitar and cliché wave sounds in the background. It’s reminiscent of a ‘70s Beach Boys track, and like Carl Wilson, David’s vocals are sweet and powerful. “Take me to the place I love the most” he swoons as the rest of the detailed arrangement kicks in. The keys are jazzy, the organ tasteful and backing vocals suitably ‘Californian’ (Like the Beach Boys).


Around two minutes in, the track shifts tempo, and strays from the ballad to a more indie pop feel. This is a pleasing change and has echoes of Vampire Weekend’s ‘Father Of The Bride’ LP. Devin’s vocals also take on a more ‘tongue in cheek’ sentiment as he suggests “I don’t even care if I have sand in my underwear”


The chilled-out groove is reinstated at the end of the track, with Devin yearning once more to “Take me to the coast”. It’s almost like the track has come full circle, starting as a soft ‘60s lounge ballad, before progressing to an indie-pop anthem and finally back to the chilled-out feel. This is clever songwriting from Devin.


If you need to shake off those winter blues, listen to ‘Take Me To The Coast’.


Euan Blackman


Image: ‘Take Me To The Coast’ Official Single Artwork


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