Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Manic Street Preachers Unveil Video For Captivating ‘Complicated Illusions’

Manic Street Preachers have revealed a music video to go hand in hand with their recently released track ‘Complicated Illusions taken from their new album ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’.

The Welsh rock band have hit the ground running with their latest offering. The song in many ways stirs a conflict of emotions, immersing the audience into a rather sombre, dispirited, and disheartening tone yet tinged with a hint of optimism and renewed sense of hope. The track ultimately leaves its audience reeling from this conflict in both a lyrical and musical sense.  


Lyrics such as ‘’Even the answers that I dream/Are riddled with doubt/In the rhythm of your voice I find space to rejoice’’ touches on sorrow notes as it inevitably takes the listener down an emotional corridor of uncertainty where they are greeted with tragedy. The minor cadences lend themselves as a shoulder to cry on and help to push a narrative hinging itself on expressing grief and sorrow.  


The band are currently on tour unveiling their new album across the UK including a trip to their home country, Wales – paying a visit to LLandudno this December. Tickets have been announced for their upcoming shows and can be pre-ordered or purchased on their website.  


The latest tune is undoubtedly going to be popular with a worldwide audience – bringing the current situation into perspective with a song highlighting emotional heartbreak combined with the agonisingly delusional distorted sense of reality – hindering the lives of many in a time of lockdown, supermarket shortages, and financial turbulence.  


The legendary Welsh rock band are continuing to build on their legacy by delivering another album that is quite simply worth downloading and turning to for the commute home after a long day or some downtime. Be sure to buy this track and/or album and add it to the rapidly growing album collection.  


Antony Bailey  


Image: 'The Ultra Vivid Lament' Official Album Artwork 

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