Friday, October 15, 2021

The Fishes and I give new life to 90’s alt-rock with new single ‘Time to Heal’

Alternative 90s fashion and culture has had a huge revival in the last couple of years, especially in music. The Fishes and I’s latest single ‘Time To Heal’ is no exception, taking inspiration from the alternative rock and grunge scene of that time. The 4-piece band from Southend, Essex hit all the sonic cues in this exhilarating new single.

The track immediately hits you with the chorus “If you take the time to heal, then you’ll learn to love again”. 

Starting a track with a chorus is an undervalued song writing technique, as it instantly hooks the listener in. When the chorus comes back around, it's recognisable and powerful once again. This is classic pop perfection from The Fishes and I.


The band’s songwriter Mark Tugwood says on the band's EPK that the narrative of ‘Time to Heal’ follows “the story of two fictional characters, each struggling with mental health issues after marriage breakdowns”. The desperate plea of the protagonist longing for their partner to “take the time to heal” to save their relationship is aptly reflected in a gritty vocal performance. Mark’s vocals have tinges of both Kurt Cobain and Paul Westerberg, as it continuously strains throughout the track. Its raw, its genuine, and it suits the genre perfectly.


The rest of the arrangement is equally effective. The guitars are hairy, melodic, and fit well with the solid drums. However, the atmosphere of the track shifts dramatically around the 1:50 mark. This middle 8 section is woozy, hazy, and has an almost ethereal sound to it. It feels similar to some early 90s shoegaze, featuring a half time drum groove and big reverbs on almost all of the instruments. This is a nice touch, as when the chorus comes back in afterwards it feels new and exciting, and hits harder than ever.


Euan Blackman


Image: ‘Time To Heal’ Official Single Artwork

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