Friday, October 15, 2021

Cabin’s New Single Is Anything But ‘Dull’

The newest single, ‘Dull’, from the multitalented Adam McCabe is a track to save to all of your late-night drive playlists. Already brimming with a strong history of psychedelic-esque releases, McCabe took the stage name of Cabin to showcase his rich talent, and ‘Dull’ definitely proves itself worthy of being grouped with that impressive collection.  

‘Dull’ offers listeners a vulnerable level of introspection, posing an insight into Cabin’s thoughts on growing up with the idea of not relating to society’s ever changing standards of what may be ‘cool’ or ‘acceptable’.


With lyrics such as “My friends are in a different scene / With kids that dress so clean / Where does that leave me and you / Who knows who isn't cool”, it expresses Cabin’s perspective on being an outsider, someone who doesn’t quite fit in with the ‘popular’, seemingly desirable scene. 


Instead, Cabin seems to be more of an introvert who finds more peace and contentment from staying in his room, rather than adhering to peer pressure and pretending to be somebody that he’s not. This contentment can be found in the last, defiant line, “All those pretty scenes seem so dull”. 


The stylishly textured instrumentation make the track instantly catchy, but it’s the details that make ‘Dull’ memorable; the distorted guitars providing a mysterious gloom, the thought provoking lyrics giving a nostalgic edge and a certain conviction can be found in the vocals. 


The fact that ‘Dull’ is 6 minutes and 50 seconds long is a testament to Cabin’s song-writing and production abilities. The consistent instrumental brings a shoe-gaze element to the track, where the vocals are a rare treat when they belt the main lines with a gratifying assurance. It cleverly maintains the listener’s attention, resulting in an otherworldly listening experience, able to find a complete sense of escapism within the music. 


‘Dull’ is a piece of work that adds to an already spectacular existing history of releases. It effortlessly displays Cabin’s talents, his imagination, and clear sense of musical direction. 

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: ‘Dull’ Official Single Cover

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