Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Tall Heights release spacey new single ‘Locked Out’

Boston-based Tall Heights’ distinctive chemistry shines bright in their latest release ‘Locked Out’. Written during a turbulent year – amid family health crises and preparing to welcome new members of their families into the world – Paul Wright (one half of the duo) explained in an Instagram post that he wrote this track about trying to help his wife deal with her anxiety at the time. 

Following their previous single ‘Hear It Again’, this latest effort is much more subdued – seeing the pair utilising more subtle and nuanced soundscapes. ‘Locked Out’ seems almost cyclical, with the intro kicking in right where the outro leaves off. 

‘Locked Out’ is one of three new tracks that have been released in the rollout to their new album ‘Juniors’, due out on January 14th.


Starting with a twinkling lead guitar that is soon joined by soft synths, the tone for this psychedelic, misty tune is set out straight from the intro. The lead guitar and synths are subsequently joined by toned down (yet emotion-filled) vocals, which are cleverly echoed and panned to give them a strong presence. Both of the duo’s voices are heard in the mix and are harmonised beautifully – adding tone and depth to the already emotive lyrics, while heavy drums keep a steady beat that helps command and direct the melody. There is a small guitar solo section where the lead guitar is allowed to shine, adding variety and even more emotional weight to the track.


In true Tall Heights fashion, this song gently builds. Starting with a small spark that quickly becomes a slow-burning ember, the track introduces louder and more prominent elements until it becomes a roaring fire, gently extinguished by its cleverly staggered outro. Held up by its repeating synths and steady drums, the emotive vocals and lyrics are allowed to gently flow, allowing the listener to lose themselves in a truly immersive piece of music. 


Dan Jones

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Image: ‘Locked Out’ Official Single Artwork


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