Wednesday, October 06, 2021

BSI and The Vaccines prove their immense love from the public through a powerful, energetic and unmatchable live performance

On 3rd October, BSI played as the support act for The Vaccines at Concorde 2 in Brighton; with every strum on the guitar and beat of the drums, the floor vibrated and the audience atmosphere increased in ecstasy.

From the second they stepped on the stage, the audience were transported into a world where binaries were discarded and music was the centre of the universe; simply from the red taped NO BORDERS on the neck of Julius’ electric guitar, the immediate inclusive, modern and open-minded vibe of the band seeped from the stage that Sunday night. 

It’s members are the talented drummer and vocalist Silla Thorarensen and the amazing Julius Pollux Rothlaender on guitar and they first formed as they began to play instruments for the first time and found their sound. This sound turned into one touring and pleasing audiences globally, getting all of us extremely excited at the concert in Brighton. Opening with their song ‘ 12 feet tall’ an initial sense of adrenaline overcame the crowd in such great quantities, before they moved on to performing other singles from their recently released EP.

In a pause from the music, Silla explained how their new songs from this album are “anti-fascist but also anti-toxic masculinity”, which the crowd roared in approval of. The inclusive and powerful energy created an immersive sound in the venue; as they finished their last song, the crowd applauded indefinitely and discussed the brilliance of their set as we awaited The Vaccines’ appearance. 

After a short interim, The Vaccines came on stage, lead by Justin Hayward-Young, lead vocalist and guitarist. As the band formed in 2010, they are well known internationally for their amazing indie rock music, and their live shows are everything you could hope them to be and more. The energy brought to the stage at a venue they described as smaller than they’ve previously played at was unmatchable and the crowd were surely in love with every note and lyric performed by each talented member.

Their set was an incredible fusion of light and sound. It was as though we, the crowd, were on stage with them. Justin’s eye contact with audience members and the interactions between the band’s members allowed us to see the closeness of them all in addition to how well they work together to make such praised music. Each member brought to the stage a huge presence and sense of entertainment, with Justin so evidently born to perform for a crowd; this has perhaps stemmed from their numerous sets in so many venues in the last decade. 

The songs ‘All My Friends Are Falling In Love’ and ‘ Post Break-Up Sex’ appeared to be the most popular of the night, with the crowd singing along as Justin pointed the microphone in our direction.

Ultimately, each and every song had the crowd singing along to every word and cheering for one more song, after which the band returned to the stage for ‘XCT’ and a final song for us all. 

It was the most wonderful and enjoyable night, with BSI bringing such energy and power to the stage before The Vaccines had the crowd singing along with enormous smiles. 

Abby Price


Image: Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir

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