Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Oh Wonder Announce New Album With Title Track ‘22 Break’

The alt-pop duo, Oh Wonder (Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West) are back and blessing our ears once again. Title track,‘22 Break’, is a glimpse into what’s to come from the duo since ‘Home Tapes’, released back in June, 2020 and it does not disappoint. Oh Wonder continue to create a worldly experience through their music; this track an introduction into a part of that world we haven’t dived into before. 

They mention via Twitter that this next sound is “maybe the first breakup album in history written and recorded with the person you’re breaking up with. It’s awkward, it’s vulnerable, but it also saved us.”


‘22 Break’ explores heartbreak as something that comes from both sides. Just as it takes two to fall into love, “it takes two to break a heart”. The track is accompanied by a music video shot in black and white, cutting between the two of them, surrounded by shadows and light. A soul speaking combination that demonstrates just how talented this duo really are. There is a back and forth throughout the entire song; good and bad, love and hate, sadness and anger, shadow and light, inside and outside, that tangles with the melody which too has a similar feel to it. Warm and cold, strings and piano, it all works together to create this unsteady atmosphere that builds around a breakup. Then the lyrics tying it all together; “wave a white flag / say I fucked up” because it’s often a battle that nobody really wins.


Relationships aren’t a paved path walking hand in hand with your significant other; sometimes it doesn’t work out. Other times, the path splits you onto two different roads where you express the situation through art, through music. And sometimes, that separation brings you back together. A break-up song that is the beginning of what saved a relationship is something special indeed. The full album is set to drop on October 8th 2021 and is sure to be full of as much heart as its title track. Be sure to give it a listen!


Edana Graham


Image: Oh Wonder Official Album Cover


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