Saturday, October 02, 2021

Sad Boys Club releases emotionally gripping new single ‘Your Mind (Makes Mine Seem Fine)’

Composed of vocalist Jacob Wheldon, guitarist Chris Holmes, drummer Tom MacColl and bassist Pedro Caetano, Sad Boys Club have taken their sound in a whole new direction with their electrifying new track, ‘Your Mind (Makes Mine Seem Fine)’

With inspiration from names such as The 1975 and Death Cab for Cutie, these emo pop sensations have definitely got us in our feels. 

The track covers thought-provoking themes such as becoming focused on the past and ruminating over the future, offering an enigmatic “light at the end of the tunnel” approach. With its wave of power upon introduction, listeners are instantly tuned out of everything else in their minds and locked into the present. 

With this new track, Sad Boys Club provides listeners with a much needed reminder to stay grounded and fully in the here and now. It’s an assertive reminder to experience life and practice drawing yourself back to your physical reality instead of reliving moments that no longer exist. 

Your Mind (Makes Mine Seem Fine)’ is full of sophisticated thought processes and hopeful determination, encouraging the listener with a sense of urgent, crucial vitality to take back control of our own thoughts and minds. The track stuns with MacColl’s powerful drums, Holme’s intoxicating riffs, Caetano’s effortlessly smooth bass and Wheldon’s philosophical lyrics, mixed with powerful, upbeat pop undertones throughout. 

It also contains standout lyrics such as, “I’m unfolding / I am morphing / I’m breaking out, watch me go / I will be a better man”. 

The self-reflection that Wheldon has clearly undergone throughout the process of creating the track is undeniable. Almost as if discarding or “breaking out” of Wheldon’s old mind in search of a new one, this track gives listeners the confidence to break out of the mould of their conditioned routines and mindsets and really set themselves free. 

With this track, Sad Boys Club helps their audience take back control, reminding them that they are the creators of their own realities and that the present is a gift, so they might as well start living in it.


Felicity Giles


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