Saturday, October 02, 2021

Royal Castles release their groovy, upbeat new single, ‘Frickin Pretty’

The garage-rock inspired trio Royal Castles are back with their highly anticipated single, ‘Frickin Pretty’.

The band, who are originally from Ontario, Toronto, combine catchy rhythms with fantastic vocals, making their music feel-good and lively.

This single in particular has an energetic and enthusiastic sound throughout, with a chorus that is extremely catchy.

The track itself begins with “This is a party and I wanna go with you tonight”. The immediate mention of a party along with a desire for romance sets the tone for the rest of the tune - it has an almost mischievous ring to it.

The song itself feels as if it is following two teenagers, experiencing puppy love for the first time. Combining the party atmosphere with expressing your feelings for another individual - it is the perfect setting where you can escape reality and have fun. This makes the listening experience as a whole even more personal and enjoyable, as it is exciting and relatable. 

As the track continues, there is a lyric that says “This is a party and I thought that I should let you know / take off from work and then I'll take you down to Mexico”. The promise of leaving the country and visiting somewhere more tropical seems to be said in the spur of the moment, reiterating the positive atmosphere and the feelings that they are experiencing.

‘Frickin Pretty’ not only has a fast pace and vibrant sound, but the chorus is entertaining and memorable. With the cheerful atmosphere that it creates, this single is an absolute must-listen for fans of garage-rock or indie music. 

Connie Burke


Image: Royal Castles: ‘Frickin Pretty’ Official Single Artwork

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