Saturday, October 02, 2021

The Regrettes express modern adolescent anxieties with latest single ‘Monday’

Consisting of four childhood friends, The Regrettes formed in 2015 when they were all in their teens. Stunning the world with their musical literacy at such a young age, this indie rock band are yet to make a misstep. 

Having released two full length albums before turning 20, The Regrettes show us they are not done impressing us just yet with their latest release ‘Monday’. 

Ironically, The Regrettes have historically drawn influence from genres that were popular before they were even born and add a fresh twist to them with their youthful perspective - with their latest single being no exception. 

The opening riff initially is reminiscent of that in Nirvana’s ground-breaking ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and the simple, repetitive background vocals harkens back to late 90s/early 2000s radio pop. 

Despite this, vocalist Lydia Night details her struggles navigating the world as a young person making it in the music industry in our current social climate, and the doubts and anxieties that come with this. 

“I’m pulling down my eyelids two at a time/ I swear it’s just my sinuses, I’ll be fine / An existential crisis and it’s only a Monday”

There is still a stigma surrounding mental health, even in young people and those who are seen to be privileged are demonised further for expressing their mental health issues as society doesn’t see a reason for them to be struggling. This added pressure to be perfect on top of constant criticism and judgement further perpetuates the problem, which is what Night is trying to express in this song. The happy, catchy essence of this song seems to act as the ‘mask’ that people put on to hide their hardships and genuine feelings. 

The Regrettes once again shine with their ability to create deeper meaning in a simple concept and wrap it up in a radio-ready smash hit you can’t help but dance along to. These young talents have boundless potential and are not afraid to show that to the world. Excited to see what is next for this four piece. 

Ellie Callaghan 


Image: The Regrettes ‘Monday’ Official Single Artwork 

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