Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Margot paint a serene picture with latest single ‘Watercolour’

Margot have just come out with a tranquil and atmospheric single, ‘Watercolour’, a fantastic close to a summer that had its mood set by their previous free-spirited track, ‘Fame’. This track was released ahead of their live performance at the Sebright Arms in London on the 10th of November.

The London based band’s new song is a great addition to their back catalogue of sublime singles and EPs, which they have been releasing at high quality since 2018. Margot have maintained a calm and collected sound since their debut single ‘Desensitised’; though, they have seemingly one-upped their entire discography with ‘Watercolour’.

Led by the band’s familiar soothing vocals, ‘Watercolour’, befitting of the name, paints a landscape through its almost transcendental atmosphere produced by the band’s otherworldly instrumentation.

The song’s simple drum beat intro acts as a great subtle tension builder for the impending rhythmic guitars that perfectly complement one another. Regarding listening, headphones are the way to go here, as they allow for a more nuanced vibe in being able to feel the guitars bounce back and forth sonically.

In the foreground of the track, the vocals aid the other instruments’ almost bedroom pop sound by lending its baritone nature to the pack, heightening the song’s soothing feel. That is, until it reaches a higher pitch, where the single begins to feel that much more ethereal with its airy and captivating presence.

The lyricism in this single is where the true beauty lies, though it might not be apparent on the first listen as it is so easy to get caught up in the atmosphere. The lyrics produce wonderful imagery, with lines like “Empty vessels tearing through an island’s mind” further exemplifying the track’s likeliness to a glorious painting.

Watercolour’ is an incredible display of Margot’s talents, but most importantly is a demonstration of the band members’ chemistry. 


Dillon Walsh


Image: Kelly Fung

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