Monday, October 18, 2021

KYNSY makes waves with the video for her new single ‘Mr Nice Guy’

KYNSY (Ciara Lindsey) joined the indie music scene in 2020 with her first single ‘Cold Blue Light’, which certainly made a good impression.

She now follows up her stellar EP ‘Things That Don’t Exist’ with her latest release ‘Mr Nice Guy’. The Irish singer/songwriter unleashes a fiercely retro video and a middle finger to the ‘nice guys’ of the world… what more could you want?

Packed with iconic and luxurious scenes, the video shows Kynsy reigning supreme sitting head of a table laden with food… as she ferociously bites a sausage served to her by a despondent male servant.

An honourable mention to another iconic moment from the video - the ‘world’s largest dog’ sign preceding a very tiny dog hidden over a wall, followed by mouthed expletives. 

Not only laden with unique imagery, the video is really beautifully shot - whimsical backgrounds, pastel colours and incredible vintage clothing worn by Ciara herself, she makes moodiness look chic. 

The song itself connotes an experience shared by anyone attracted to men: the ‘nice guy’ who is often anything but. Kynsy fashionably shows her disdain to these guys in a catchy pop-alternative fusion. Lyrically, the tone is very different to that of the backing, she clashes frustrated and rebellious lyrics against a cute and pop-ish melody, and the video compliments her indignation further. 

As the video progresses Kynsy crosses the line between beauty and psychopathy as violent imagery haunts the beautiful backdrops. Blood, gore and violence are in abundance as we reach the end of the video where it certainly all comes to a head - we watch Kynsy tumbling off a cliff at the hands of the servants. Terrifying yet beautifully artistic - even covered in blood she serves a grunge, iconic look. 

Kynsy has taken a concept we are all far too familiar with and put it into a danceable package with a terrifyingly stunning music video that you simply cannot look away from. She dissects the figure of the ‘nice guy’ with a frustration that is wholly relatable. Kynsy will be gracing the stage at Neighbourhood Weekender 2022, and it will be interesting to see what the Irish star brings to the table.

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Eloise Whitley 

Image: ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Official Single Artwork

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