Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Le Junk Releases Immersive New Cut ‘Sticky Side’

London based multi-instrumentalist Le Junk has re-emerged with his latest pop-rock and disco inspired track titled ‘Sticky Side’. The vibrant electronica artist has a string of scheduled shows dotted around the UK to share his newest material with fans and music lovers alike. Before working on his own project, he spent large parts of 2020 assisting other artists such as Symren Gharial with their projects. 

The deep bass line and disco groove combine to create a song ultimately about steering clear of someone who is loved but not necessarily a good influence. The lyrics in the chorus ‘’You got a sticky side/It has a way of winning me/The taste of bitter slowly turning sweet’’ underline the meaning behind the track and merges with an irresistible sensual rhythm and catchy chorus that is bound to have its audience hooked from the moment they press play.  

Le Junk recently unveiled his latest single on October 7th at Sebright Arms in London where he supported synth-pop duo Speedboat along with FlatParty. 

‘Sticky Side’ reveals his versatility and offers insight into his ability to mix genres and captivate the audience. The sound is impossible to not move to while the two-part harmony enhances the mood of the song. This follows his previous single released earlier this year called ‘Bad Stuff’ which has been best described by The Line Of Best Fit as ‘’dirty’’ and ‘’flirty’’ as he looks to take his new project on a different path.  

The bass line alone is more than enough of a reason to add this one to the playlist. It even offers a gentle reminder to lovers to try and resist someone they want even though they know they are bad for them. ‘Sticky Side’ is sure to be a favourite for many of his fans over the coming months and beyond.  


Antony Bailey 


Image: Le Junk 'Sticky Side' Official Single Artwork

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