Monday, October 18, 2021

Emotional vulnerability, witty nostalgia and navigating life through a pandemic; catching up with London-based indie four-piece, BLOXX

Indie pop sensation, BLOXX, have recently released their highly anticipated EPs, ‘Everything I’ve Ever Learned’ and ‘Pop Culture Radio’. With fans obsessing over the electrifying new content, I chatted with Fee Booth to discuss the creative process behind the band’s new music and what their future plans look like. 


With ‘Pop Culture Radio’ being your most recent EP, could you talk me through the process of creating it?


It was all done in lockdown with my mate Rich Turvey! Literally written and recorded in my shed studio before I moved out in October 2020. It was a fun process and the first time I’ve had a hands-on approach with production for the band, too.


What was the inspiration behind making this EP?


Being lost and facing a lot of trials and tribulations. I was hurting and lockdown made us crazy, so I wrote a few songs that I thought could help me and others through it.


Are there any overriding themes on the EP?


The message that everyone struggles but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel? I guess, and also that everything isn’t the end of the world, that’s the main message. And addiction.


Do you have a particular track of yours that you hold close to your heart? What's the story behind it?


‘Everything I’ve Ever Learned’ and ‘Emily’ both signify a really darker theme. The messages in those songs are some that I hold dear.


How have you found navigating COVID as a band?


It’s been so shit to be honest, for everyone I think. We haven’t spent that long away from each other for 5 years, not touring was really tough. But we managed it and I’m so glad it’s over now.


What were some of your biggest musical influences growing up? Do you think they’ve influenced your sound now or are there more modern-day influences?


I grew up with a lot of BustedFoo FightersRed Hot Chili Peppers and in my teenage years I found emo/rock and alternative styles to become my favourite. I think I base a lot of my guitar style off of Bombay Bicycle Club and bands from the 2010s that I greatly appreciate. I’m also a massive Jeff Buckley fan, a lot of the more stripped back BLOXX songs are heavily lyrically and melodically influenced by him.


What bands are you listening to right now?


Half Alive and Coin are my bands of the moment! And The Band CAMINO. Cracking guitar bands really!


What upcoming gigs are you most looking forward to playing soon?


London Heaven is going to be a really fun one and we can’t wait!


What’s next in store for BLOXX? What can we expect?


Another album next year? I’ve been working on some songs.


Any messages for your fans?


It’s not the end of the world, and you’ve got this!



Felicity Giles 


Image: 'Pop Culture Radio' EP Artwork



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