Friday, October 15, 2021

Fox Fagan Contemplates The Current Times With ‘Gotta Get Out’

The Australian singer-songwriter Fox Fagan, who is currently working in Los Angeles has delivered a dreamy yet pensive new single ‘Gotta Get Out’. 

Although the track contains an eerie insight into the current times, anybody listening will be struggling not to be whisked away on a hazy daydream.  The newly released song offers a reality check with its sobering undertones.  

The intro and outro contains a soothing but slightly unsettling melody on the piano. It is complimented by a lightly syncopated and accentuated drumbeat as it approaches the first verse and keeps a steady pulse throughout. 

Lyrics such as “every day is the same in my room’’ offers a moment to reflect on what has been a challenging time - while the synth and irresistible guitar solo is what lures its audience into a trance from the very first note.  

At times, it sounds as if the music and lyrics are pitted against each other. On the one hand, the music offers a sense of therapy and relaxation whereas the lyrics reiterate the struggle and way of life that has impacted many in recent times such as “I’ve been feeling so strange/gotta get out of my mind’’ describing life during lockdown.  

The remedial and fuzzy tone revives the sounds often associated with bands such as Tame Impala and Soundgarden, amongst other big names. It appears Fagan is just getting started on his journey as the alternative rock singer-songwriter’s project looks to have hit the ground running with his distorted dream of a tune.

Fagan’s latest track is sure to be a hit with his followers for a multitude of reasons ranging from its guitar solo to the reflective lyrical content depicting an era that is still all too real for most parts of the world.

Antony Bailey


Image: Fox Fagan 'Gotta Get Out' Official Artwork



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