Thursday, October 14, 2021

Beans On Toast Serves Up Positive Existentialism For Breakfast On new Track 'A Beautiful Place'

Known for his wholesome folk discography, Beans On Toast has announced an upcoming tour with the release of new single ‘A Beautiful Place’. 

Filled with humble mumblings of how the individual can frame their own life to get the maximum from it, the fresh release finds the artist at his earnest best.  

Beans on Toast has always had a way of bringing a grounded sentiment to his lyrics whilst never feeling out of touch with the subject matter. 

His wisdom is divulged with compassion yet is not framed as if he is preaching - “I find if I give everyone the time of day / I tend to get treated in the very same way” sings the artist, as he wistfully contemplates the hopelessness of everyday relationships. 


As he candidly patters over the nuances of life, the production takes a backseat, initially letting the lyrics make the statement. Yet, as soon as the chorus hits, your ears are filled with comforting guitar riffs and violins that add grandeur to a track not lacking in subtlety. The vocals on the choruses are backed with choir-like harmonies that add warmth and authenticity to the positive message being spread, as the song leans less on the traditional upbeat folk of the singer and more on a fresher indie-infused style. 


'A Beautiful Place' has a floaty and woeful air about it, helping frame the subtly existential subject matter firmly within a space of positivity, with a  highlight being “No one really knows what consciousness is / How we came to evolve, or why we even exist. / It’s a while we are here, at the mercy of the weather / We might as well try and look out for one another”.  


Where so many people see the glass half empty, Beans On Toast chooses to look on the bright side. 

Jessica McCarrick


 Image: 'A Beautiful Place' Official Single Cover  

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