Friday, October 08, 2021

Cities In Dust Get Political With ‘Vanishing Anarchist’

New on the scene, Cities In Dust are already making waves with their kooky, out-there music, it is not hard to see why. With the band’s debut single ‘Chaotic Shop’ being nothing short of outstanding, they are now back and better than ever as they gift us with their latest single, ‘Vanishing Anarchist’.

‘Vanishing Anarchist’ is an indie-rock track that delves deep into the world of politics and is a compelling listen. 

With intricate instrumentation effortlessly woven throughout the track, it is truly a one-of-a-kind release from the four-piece.  

The introduction of the track is fairly simple but at the same time intriguing. There is a solid backbeat that plays an interesting up-tempo groove, overlayed by an inharmonic arp synth resembling an assortment of short dial tones. Very experimental, this introductory sequence takes us to a lively, dynamic drum solo that perfectly transitions us into the main segment.

To accompany the already swinging backbeat, we get a funky bass riff as well as a picked electric guitar that pans from left ear to right with a simple yet infectious melody. With its reverb and delay, the guitar sits beautifully in the mix and perfectly complements the bass. Eight bars into this vivacious verse and we descend into the crazy chorus.

The chorus of ‘Vanishing Anarchist’ truly embodies a sense of anarchy as distorted guitars let rip from all directions. The crashing of cymbals adds subtle punch to the song as they fall on beat with the kick drum. Lead singer Ady Baker uses the chorus to warn listeners, “We don’t need to stop this thing, it’s a juggernaut it’s best / Destination universe, vanishing anarchist”.

The lyrics of this latest release are incendiary and political, to say the least. With lines such as “We will not be stifled so load your rifles” and references to the “sharpening of knives”, ‘Vanishing Anarchist’ undoubtedly has a profound sense of meaning for the band. The description of the track on SoundCloud highlights how the song “was inspired by a reference in the memoirs of Stephen Morris from New Order, but refers to those people who are very vocal about their Politics, and position themselves as an activist, but never back it up with action and run away at the first sign of trouble”.

Overall, ‘Vanishing Anarchist’ is an interesting listen and another quality single from Cities In Dust, with such an interesting and refreshing sound one can only wait with sheer curiosity as to what their next single will sound like. Until then, we have ‘Vanishing Anarchist’.

Isaac Semple


Image: 'Vanishing Anarchist' Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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