Friday, October 08, 2021

Lucy Deakin Takes Us Back to ‘2009’ With Nostalgic Pop Banger

Rising star Lucy Deakin has released yet another class single from her forthcoming EP ‘In Your Head, I’m Probably Crying’. Catching the eye of many radio presenters and even Miley Cyrus, Deakin is one to watch and ‘2009’ is a perfect example of why.

Drawing on influences such as Conan Gray, UPSAHL, and Troye Sivan, she holds her own and creates a sound entirely her own.

Weaving a picture of time gone by the song perfectly brings a person back to the days of MTV, Disney Channel, having the innocent kind of crush only possible when you’re eleven… the days before meaningless dating and social media stars. And imagine, all of that in a neat three and a half minute single.

This tune is catchy and memorable with a beat that makes it ideal for any radio play (it was featured on Radio 1, so clearly others agree). The melody is particularly infectious and has listeners singing along by the second chorus. However, it is not a dull or repetitive song since it has enough vocal variation to keep it interesting and show off Deakin's vocals: something she insists she learned on the old Wii game, Singstar. See? There’s hope for any aspiring singer.

It’s an incredibly relatable topic, people almost always want to go back to a romanticised past life they had. Especially now, in a culture so fixated on the glory days that were the ‘90s and the early ‘00s, this single takes its place amongst the ranks perfectly and is up there with the iconic Charlie XCX song ‘1999’. And if that single’s success was anything to go by, this will be going places in no time.

Get a nostalgia hit with ‘2009’ and look out for Deakin’s tour dates this year. It’s bound to be a good one.


Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘2009’ Official Single Artwork

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