Thursday, October 14, 2021

King Hannah’s Powerful New Single Will Give You The Confidence Boost You Need

Calling all King Hannah fans: this single is one you can not hit the skip button on. The talented Liverpool duo King Hannah, featuring Hannah Merrik and Craig Whittle, just dropped their newest single ‘A Well-Made Woman’ on all platforms. It most probably will be the next song you will download to your music library without hesitation. 

Right off the bat, the track sounds mesmerizingly eerie. It has a way of drawing you in until suddenly you find yourself lost in the music. At about thirty seconds in, lead singer Hannah Merrick’s voice hypnotizes the listeners and whisks them into an inspiring tale. 

The anthemic namesake lyrics, “I am a woman, a brave brave one / I am a woman, a well-made one” will make just about anyone feel bold and fearlessThroughout the song there is a steady yet uncanny guitar strumming played gloriously by Whittle. The guitar adds to the dark tone of the music as the rhythm effortlessly carries you along. The overall arrangement of the instruments paired with Merrick's distinct voice makes the single an outstanding one.

This is one band to keep your eyes on. There is no doubt that in the future they will be making brilliant music, and if ‘A Well-Made Woman’ is on their next album, it’s obvious that this powerful ballad will be dominating the track list! Fans old and new should check out their EP, ‘Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine’, released in November 2020, and catch them on tour this month all over the UK. Their next show is October 16th, 2021 starting the gigs in their hometown of Liverpool. This duo is already creating a lot of buzz so get in on the ground floor and watch them grow. 


Komal Qureshi


Image: 'A Well-Made Woman' Official Single Artwork (PRESS)

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