Friday, September 10, 2021

The Shook Shake The Music Scene With Their New EP ‘Hermetic Revelry’

The Shook’s latest EP is a must-listen for rock fans looking to discover a new sound whilst taking a step away from the beaten path. Their latest EP, comprised of four tracks entitled ‘Easy’, ‘The Return Of The Sun’, ‘Dreamers Disease’, and ‘Fire’ packs a punch into the face of the modern music scene and strikes a chord with their fan base that is rapidly growing. 

The EP kicks off with the heavy-hitting and fast-paced ‘Easy’ and sets the tone for an EP packed with energy and musical heat. The following track ’The Return Of The Sun’ is very much like the first track in the sense that it has a fast tempo, an abundance of distorted electric guitar, and a tight groove between drums and bass that is locked throughout. As one of the lines from the song states, ‘’we’re all just here to enjoy the ride’’ and how we are.  

The EP could be described as an epic rollercoaster of emotions taking you on a journey of misery and despair whilst simultaneously offering a sense of optimism and hope. ’Dreamers Disease’ takes on a more subtle approach in terms of a slightly slower tempo but certainly not lacking in power as the drums push the song with some hard-hitting fills to piece together the different sections of the song. The track could perhaps be interpreted as an individual who is disconnected from the harsh realities that life often slings our way whether it is expected or not. ‘’Another night in the shadows, feels like freedom to me’’ suggests a burning desire to escape from what feels like a distorted reality and lends a hand to an audience looking to do just that.  

The fluctuation in dynamics helps to place more emphasis on the lyrics between each section of the song. ‘’What have you done?’’ and ‘’Nothing personal, just running from my demons’’ are a couple lines that stand out in the final track on the EP ‘Fire’ and the song is complimented by reverb on the vocals and sounds as if the lyrics are being shouted from the mountain tops. This is backed by a guitar solo to embellish the rollercoaster rhythms and dynamics which quite simply makes the song almost irresistible to not replay over and again.  

The EP is an explosion of energy and is going to be a hit with their growing garage rock fan base and will no doubt send a message that there is a lot more to come from the rock revivalists who are doing their utmost to take rock n roll away from the peripheries of the ever-evolving music scene. 

Antony Bailey 


Image: ‘Hermetic Revelry’ Official EP Cover

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