Saturday, September 11, 2021

SPINN Show A Glimpse Of What Is To Come With Their Latest Single ‘Out Of The Blue’

A sure sign of things to come from SPINN with their upcoming and much-anticipated album entitled ’Out Of The Blue’.

The newly released single is packed with power, energy, and sets the tone for a band that are firmly making their mark on the Indie music scene. The Liverpool-based band were inspired by a recent visit to Birmingham where panic swiftly turned into inspiration and voila! 

‘Out Of The Blue’ was written and has been an instant hit with their rapidly growing fan base who are bursting with excitement to listen to their latest album. Both novice and professional drummers will no doubt be impressed and keen to keep up with the fast-paced driving beat and open hi-hat in the intro along with short, powerful, and improvised fills to compliment the track as this embellishes the song and helps to maintain the momentum from one section of the song to the other.

The subtle fluctuation in dynamics between verse and chorus such as an open and closed hi-hat helps to accommodate more space for the vocals whilst being able to retain its power allowing the song to flow without losing its fluidity.  

There is far more to come from SPINN, and their lyrics are sure to have resonance with music lovers from several walks of life regardless of musical preference. 

Avid music fans will be well aware of how influential and prominent Liverpool has been on the popular music scene over the past sixty years and it would appear that the sky is the limit for the up-and-coming four-piece band to hail from the same city as the likes of ‘The Beatles’, ‘Gerry And The Pacemakers’, and ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood’ to name but a famous few. 

Perhaps there is a tour on the horizon once the latest album has been released as the world starts to reopen after the pandemic. Fans will be chomping at the bit to snap up any tickets that go on sale from a band that is quite simply just getting started. 


Antony Bailey 


Image: Barnaby Fairly  

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