Monday, September 06, 2021

The haunting side effects of love highlighted in GRIFF’s new single

The Hertfordshire-born Sarah Griffiths (GRIFF)  has catapulted to fame in her two active years publicly singing and songwriting.

The 20-year-old has recently been awarded the “Rising Star” award at the 2021 Brit awards; previous winners include Adele and Sam Smith.

As a result, it is safe to say that this young woman has an incredibly bright future ahead of her and we’re all excited to hear more of her upcoming October tour to support her mixtape. 

After learning the art of recording and producing music at a young age on her brother’s laptop, GRIFF’s journey to stardom has been short and immense. Releasing 14 singles on top of mixtapes and extended plays, she is surely set to exponentially grow her fame and talents, something her listeners can hardly wait for.

GRIFF’s most recently released single 'One Night' tells a musically implicit tale of the struggles that come with overthinking when alone at night. From a young person’s perspective, we can hear about internal conflicts accompanying the feeling of being in love; the lyrics “And maybe there’s something in the dead of night/ When I’m sleeping alone/ Where I always see your face/ God, I wish I didn’t though” really speak of the obsessive nature love can occasionally take hold of over somebody, in an almost haunting fashion. 

Additionally, the song describes the feeling of heaviness as one’s mind races thinking of somebody specific. Coming after her musical request to “have one night, one night, one night? Where it’s just me alone?” listeners certainly become aware of the power love can hold; it forces its host to attempt at avoiding the topic altogether or to suffer in the thought of it. The beauty of this music is that it gives fans the opportunity to find comfort in knowing they aren’t alone in feeling this way; so many young people wallow in self-pity and self-hatred when it comes to feelings of anxiety around love, but GRIFF opens the door of consolation beautifully. 

Accompanied by a melody that anyone can dance like nobody’s watching too, or simply sway to during a bus ride, this single is surely set for great things and phenomenal reviews. Its discussions of the haunting nature of lost love, and the power loneliness can hold over someone, are so incredibly imperative in the modern world; the young star reflects upon this success. As a result, it begs the question, what’s next for this “Rising star?” 

Abby Price


Image- GRIFF ‘One Night’ Official Single Cover

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