Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Serenity for the soul, Damon Albarn pioneers peace with new single ‘Particles’

Damon Albarn has released his beautiful and haunting new single ‘Particles’. A lullaby for the mind, this track is the newly released single from his forthcoming second solo album

‘The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows’ which is due to be released on 12th November.


Following on from the pre-released title track and ‘Polaris’, ‘Particles’ has been released closer to Damon's much anticipated new album and was reportedly inspired by a conversation the artist had about the pandemic with a passenger on a plane to Reykjavik (because why not…we wouldn’t expect anything less). 

The track is comprised of melancholic yet uplifting synths and effortlessly romantic string arrangements, tied in with a sense of comfort and bliss as Damon’s vocals ooze in with lyrics such as “the nearer the fountain/more pure the stream flows/and sweeter the river/into which love grows” and don’t even get us started on the piano…


Upon introduction we are welcomed in with an endearing piano line partnered with Damon’s undeniably distinctive voice, providing a beautiful comfort blanket of soft silky melodies. Almost instantly in classic Albarn style, Damon makes listeners feel as if ‘Particles’ is a track they’ve been listening to for years and have just returned to like a fond memory. 


Throughout the track, Damon carefully curates a soundscape of safety and lullaby-like feelings with his choice of ethereal piano and delicate guitar blending perfectly together to communicate a sense of fluidity almost exactly like water. This calm atmosphere is further emphasised within the comforting flow of water- this holistic oceanic experience is echoed again very softly at the end of the track, giving the whole song a poignant serenity to it. Leaving the listener feeling calm and more connected to an inner sense of peace is arguably exactly what the collective needs during times like these.


It's no wonder that according to a press release, Damon shared that the song was inspired by the realisation that “disruption is impossible to maintain as peace always prevails”. With his noticeably heartfelt lyrics and unmistakably down-to-earth tone, it's not surprising that the Blur frontman has chosen ‘Particles’ as the closing track of the album. It really is like a hug for the soul.


Felicity Giles 


Image: Damon Albarn Particles Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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