Monday, September 06, 2021

Alt-pop artist Ruby Duff releases new single ‘party’ giving us a taste of post night out feelings

Ruby Duff, the Leeds-based alt-pop artist, released her latest single ‘party’ this month adding to her brilliant repertoire. The song centers around what comes after you’ve partied too hard, the thoughts and feelings you experience. 

It’s something we can all probably relate to, the highs and lows. It’s an incredibly real tune that speaks truthfully on what we go through after a full-on night. The way the song has been composed, with the gentle acoustic guitar complimenting Duff’s vocals to start, progressing into an electro-pop beat with slightly more poignant lyrics, suggests the journey we go on when we’re going out. 

The build-up to the night, the excitement and nerves to the reality of things going off-plan and changing the course of your night. It’s incredibly honest which is what makes the song all that more attractive.

The music video compliments the theme perfectly, with an almost Alice in Wonderland feel. The wonderfully eccentric video goes through each stage of a night out, getting ready, having a good time, and then the reality of what’s happened. The visuals highlight Ruby’s music and personality in a way that only adds to her charm, for example, the inclusion of glittery hot dogs and the transition from scene to scene create a world that is truly hers, 100% Ruby Duff. The magical nature of Ruby’s songwriting adds to the dreamlike nature of the song and video, we’re led to feel the emotions and thoughts she is experiencing in the track.


Ruby Duff has managed to portray the details of a messy night out in a playful and thought-provoking way. In the current climate when we haven’t been able to go out and socialise, Duff has allowed us to live vicariously through her song and music video. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for her, she’s not one to miss.

Catherine Frediani


Image: Emmie Niemela

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