Saturday, September 11, 2021

Get Lost in Palace’s New Single ‘Gravity’

Palace consists of four friends, Leo Wyndham, Will Dorey, Matt Hodges, and Rupert Turner. Based in London, their sound is unique and pays homage to a variety of different genres. It is difficult to determine exactly which category of music to place their discography as it all seems to vary considerably; however – this, in turn – could be what makes this band so special. 

They are not afraid to be different in both their styles and production techniques, which can be heard in their newest single, ‘Gravity’. 


The production and the way this song has been constructed are truly mesmerising. The guitar is the centerpiece at the beginning of the track and instantly sets the tempo.

 It sounds as if there has been a chorus or potentially a phaser effect added to the guitar to create a more atmospheric and dreamier vibe to the track. The clean-toned vocals quickly follow and are accompanied by the soft drum loop track in the background, the composition is well and truly alive. However – without a shadow of a doubt - the best part of this song is the chorus. The transition from the verse into it is faultless and the harmonies heard at the beginning of the chorus itself are expansive. Therefore, the track becomes wider, creating the feeling that the listener has just heard a significant landmark within the song. 


The song itself is reminiscent of music labeled under the synthwave genre due to subtle pad layers and arpeggios throughout the song. At the very beginning, a soft ringing can be repeatedly heard, a sound etched into musical history that was made famous in the '80s. 

This synthwave type sound has also been heard in various contemporary tracks in modern society and is a timeless, diverse sound that reflects positively on the production skills of both the artist and producer. However, more than anything, this is a lo-fi-indie track. It incorporates lo-fi elements such as softer drum loops and phased pads but the indie nature of the vocals and harmonies are most recognisable. Similar to lo-fi indie legends, Her’s, they entice the listener with their purity and vulnerable identity and complete the composition in a way only the best know-how; with love. 



Charles Scarrott


Image: Palace Official ‘Gravity’ Track Artwork (PRESS)


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