Tuesday, September 21, 2021

School Disco's 'Poison' offers a brutally honest assessment of the way the world perceives the vulnerabilities of the rich and famous

Formed in 2016 by Rory Lethbridge, Troy Holt and Laur Underwood, School Disco played countless local venues in Plymouth, helping them to express their raw psych sound. 

In 2019, they released their debut, self-titled album via three indie record labels, ‘Hot Wax’, ‘Kraut-Pop!’ and ‘Copper Feast Records’, which led them to play gigs around the UK and further afield into Europe. 

The latest single, ‘Poison’, is filled with gritty guitar riffs and dense drum beats and accompanied by enigmatic and vulnerable vocals. 

Speaking of the track, Rory Lethbridge gives exposition to the brutally honest meaning behind the lyrics of their most recent release: "'Poison' is about the way in which the world demonises celebrities with addiction problems, making them the centre of some sort of twisted circus rather than treating them as human with very severe mental health problems’’. 


The intro sets the scene for the track with deep, grunge-type guitar chords, followed by a slow-moving, yet demanding drum fill and a rumbling bassline. It continues for the full five minutes and even when they cut to a minute’s worth of an instrumental section, the same bass notes and drum beat are present. The instrumentals build more tension and eventually explode into Lethbridge producing a magical guitar solo. 


The gloomy feel of ‘Poison’ is a slight change from their debut album, which featured a lot more upbeat riffs, lively drum fills and clear vocals. It could be a sign that School Disco is heading in a different direction for their upcoming record. Furthermore, fans of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs will be big fans of the South Coast established trio as their guitar riffs and echoey vocals are very similar to each other. 


Whatever they decide on, whether it’s darker tones such as ‘Poison’, music fans - especially fans of this particular genre - should be very excited for the rise of these three very talented musicians. 


Joe Whitehead 


Image: ‘Poison’ official single artwork 

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