Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Indie phenomena BSÍ releases intoxicating new single ‘My Knee Against Kyriarchy’

Icelandic duo and best friends, Silla Thorarensen and Julius Pollux Rothlaender, aka BSÍ, have released their euphoric new single: ‘My Knee Against Kyriarchy’ from the new album – ‘Sometimes Depressed… But Always Antifascist.’ 

With a tangible, raw, and beautifully innocent energy; and with an undeniably powerful message: ‘My Knee Against Kyriarchy’ makes us want to go on long sunset summer drives with the windows down, with our destination being a protest march in the name of equality. 

With Silla on drums and vocals and Julius on bass and synths, the track echoes a joyful nostalgia with a Feist, Cure-esque vibe upon introduction, with pop undertones and exuding a warm and hopeful serenity with Silla’s soft, powerful vocals woven into high energy drum beats and fast-paced, no-nonsense guitar riffs. 

Silla’s voice provides a positive determination and exuberance to the track, marrying effortlessly into the Lofi, pop-punk indie aura, the pair radiate. ‘My Knee Against Kyriarchy’ falls under the second section of the album ‘But Always Antifascist’ with the former introductory section: ‘Sometimes Depressed’ being a complete five-track masterpiece of its own.

In addition to a collection of various singles; the duo have also performed for the digital editions of Eurosonic as well as Iceland Airwaves.

With the title of the track being a much-needed sucker punch of power, ‘My Knee Against Kyriarchy’ reminds us of the importance of dismantling all forms of Kyriarchy Including, but not limited to sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and misogyny, and invites us to do just that. With lyrics such as “Smash Kyriarchy/ Until we feel dizzy”.

With this brilliant track, BSÍ  reminds us of the vital work we have to do in the modern-day in order to ensure empowerment for all...


Felicity Giles


Image: ‘Sometimes Depressed’ Official EP artwork

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