Tuesday, September 21, 2021

David Baron And Fiona Glenn 'Crossover' In Their Newest Cut

They say that great musical minds think alike, and for David Baron and Fiona Glenn that could not be any more truthful.

American Producer and all-round talented musical genius, Baron, has been active in the music scene for many years now and has worked with numerous well-known artists such as folk-rockers The Lumineers and pop-princess Jade Bird


This time he has joined forces with singer and past collaborator, Glenn, for their new single, 'Crossover'.

'Crossover' is a beautiful song in itself, featuring a flawless fusion of rock and soft ambient vibes reinforced by silky guitar riffs and lush vocal performances.

Glenn utilises her soulful vocals to deliver passion-infused lyricism, wearing her heart on her sleeve to create an emotionally driven cut teeming with passion and empathy. David provides edgier, darker singing for the backing vocals providing even more depth to the song. 

Belonging to the same vein as pop-accolade Adele, the track explores themes of love and longing through melancholic arrangements that detail and romanticise a young couple uprooting their city life to find solace in the countryside.

Wholly grandiose and psychedelic, the use of solemn instrumentation and carefully placed vocal intonations paint a vivid narrative that totally consumes and encapsulates the listener.

'Crossover' is OUT NOW on Here & Now.

Hopefully, there’s many more great things to come from the unstoppable sonic duo.

Image: 'Crossover' Official Single Artwork

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