Friday, September 24, 2021

Palomino Blond show their ‘Dead Hand’ and ‘Lo Siento’

The latest musical export all the way from Miami is made up of four singer-songwriters who together form the quintet, Palomino Blond. They have been making their own style of music for nearly half a decade now and have gradually, and rightfully, acquired a big following since then.

Sound-wise, they are an eclectic fusion of electronic, rock, and punk with a few extra surprises thrown in. They have now produced their latest singles, ‘Deadhand’ and ‘Lo Siento’, and both make for interesting listening, to say the least.

Both tracks have quite a bit to offer in terms of musical genius and are quite something on the ears. Lead vocalists and guitarists, Carli Acosta and Kyle Fink, are simply fantastic; together they demonstrate the strength of what can happen when you have more than one vocalist in the band.

What is enjoyable about ‘Deadhand’ is that it is one of those songs that talks about going through human emotions during a tough period post-breakup - the kind of song everyone can relate to. Lyrically, the song-writing also hits on a raw emotional nerve about reminiscing the past whilst trying to embrace a form of self-restraint: “Testing my own restraint/Trying to concentrate” “Holding a dead hand of the past/Taking a photo as to make it last”

The second half of the release, ‘Lo Siento’, is all about living through a bad time in a place where a lot is going on and many things seem to be going array, all whilst trying to look for some kind of sanity.

Meaning “sorry” in English, as a single ‘Lo Siento’ seems to be more balanced in regards to the tones and pitches of the tune itself, but it could also be said that the tones of the track juxtapose one another. It starts off on an almost dark and somber tone but then it becomes lighter and more upbeat, going back and forth between intense and uplifting. 

Even in the lyrics it starts on a heavy note before going to something softer as feelings of positivity are eventually embraced: “Complancey’s a curse/the outcome can be so much worse” “Get ready to go/I’m ready to take you with me so”

As tunes go they are the kind where once you listen to them you might just find yourself listening to them again, again and possibly again just so you can absorb the creativity, genius, and, not to mention, the talent that went into making them. 

Adam Joel Humphreys


Image: 'Dead Hand'/ 'Lo Siento' Official Single Artwork

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