Friday, September 24, 2021

Be hypnotised by Kill ‘Em Charlie’s new single, ‘Hazey’

With the band's ethos of “if we can think it, we can write it” (according to their Spotify), it’s no wonder Kill ‘Em Charlie continues to create an exciting array of tunes across their stellar discography.

Hazey’ is the latest release from the Irish band and shows their ability to keep listeners on their toes throughout the song as their tracks are unpredictable in the best possible way. This new tune builds on the style of their 2020 EP, ‘I Hope This Works for You (‘Cause It Does for Me),' whilst introducing some heavier indie rock sounds.


This track’s minute-long intro offers a powerful blend of instruments that perfectly leads listeners into the track. Drums start the track, closely followed by guitar and bass before they break down for the catchy riff to start, allowing the rest of the band to jump back in.


The lyrics effectively mirror the track's title with lines like, “headaches / frustration / I need consultation," the listeners get a real sense of that ‘hazy’ feeling. Kill ‘Em Charlie goes on to sing “I’m in a downward spiral / I think I’m in denial," again referring to feeling spaced out or out of control.

The lyrics here, specifically the “spiral," reference the cover art which shows five cartoon comic book faces engulfed in a bright yellow swirling spiral. The outro, which complements the intro, acts as a hypnotic end to the track, pulling listeners into a spiral of their own, wrapped up in the layers of head-banging guitars. It’s impossible to sit still listening to the lead riff and the chorus demands to be sung at the top of your lungs. 


Kill ‘Em Charlie is preparing to play their first gig in three years on the 7th of October in Dublin and ‘Hazey’ is definitely a track that will get the crowd buzzing after a long time away from live music! 


You can still get tickets to this gig from the link below.

Tickets: Kill 'Em Charlie Live at the Sound House



Robyn Hill


Image: ‘Hazey’ Official Single Artwork (PRESS)

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