Friday, September 24, 2021

Mountain Mansion Bring Us The Beautifully Haunting Track, ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’

Mountain Mansion’s new track comes at the most perfect time. Just as Lorde saw the summer through with her shimmering 4th album ‘Solar Power’, Mountain Mansion’s new wondrously melancholic track, ‘Fog Walker Of Copton Ridge’ is here to soundtrack the autumn.

The instrumentation is truly the main driver in creating this sonically folklorian single.

Although minimalistic, the combined elements create a magical atmosphere that transpires throughout the track.

A delicate, atmospheric breath introduces the song and immediately sets the tone for the rest of the track to follow: haunting, poignant and emotive. 

Whilst a sweet-sounding ukulele establishes the minor harmony, it isn’t long before an electric guitar is introduced. The guitar sits subtly but effectively in the mix, to the point where unless keeping an active ear out for it, it’s easy for the listener to get lost in the composition until eventually realising it is no longer an acoustic song but an all-encompassing musical experience.

Although only running for a total of two and a half minutes in length, ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’ manages to create one hell of a whirlwind story, a story which is told poetically and is full of intricate details.

With lines like “a tall shadow was hovering mysteriously” and “skeletor / was now a few steps from the cabin door” it’s hard to not get drawn into the intensely descriptive lyricism and, consequently, the vivid imagery that it naturally evokes.

The vocals are gentle and blend in well to the folk mix, but their sharp edge helps them to shine at the forefront of the song. With an additional, consistent reverb that lingers throughout, the whole track is atmospheric and memorable. Combined with catchy melodic hooks and distinctive vocals, ‘Fog Walker Of Copton Ridge’ is left echoing in the listener's head for hours on end.

Rachel Feehan
@rachiefee  @rachel_feehan
Image: ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’ Official Single Artwork

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