Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Michael Aldag gives the traditional love song a modern twist with ‘Ghosted’

TikTok sensation Michael Aldag has swapped skits for singles, and has delivered a clever twist on a traditional love song with his latest cut ‘Ghosted’. Having released a few solid tracks before this one, Aldag is beginning to cement himself as a stand-out artist.

This upbeat pop tune speaks of a Snapchat relationship between Aldag and his new item and the rocky road that modern online relationships can often take, leading to him himself being ‘Ghosted’.


The references to modern dating are refreshing, funny and will definitely be relatable to his TikTok fan base. He talks of the parallel between his online persona, and his everyday life, with his love interest stating: “If you were as funny as you are online / We’d have a perfect time you know / I loved your private story, but you’re actually so boring”.


The production on this track is thoroughly impressive, with a catchy synth lead that commands the track, joined by some snappy drums and well-produced vocals. A rocky electric guitar joins after the first chorus adding some diversity and a different flavour to the second half of the track. 

His witty, brutally honest lyrics, paired with an impressive vocal range makes this a very strong release for the lad from West Kirby - it seems Aldag’s cheeky humour seen on TikTok has crept its way into his music also.

He seems to have found a lane with his tongue-in-cheek tracks with the Liverpudlian reaching an ever-growing 46,000 monthly listeners. 

Aldag is boasting an impressive run of shows coming up this month at The Lexington and Colours in London and the Kazimier Stockroom in his native hometown of Liverpool.



Dan Jones
Image: ‘Ghosted’ Official Single Artwork

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