Monday, September 27, 2021

We Are Scientists Unveil Their Fiery New Single ‘You’ve Lost Your Shit’

We Are Scientists' latest offering is a taster of what is to come from their soon to be released album entitled ‘Huffy’ on October 8 via 100% Records. 'You've Lost Your Shit' is accompanied by an entertaining music video where the frontman Keith Murray, unknowingly becomes an organ donor after what appears to have been a wild night of unusual events turned bizarre.

History looks set to repeat itself as he settles down on his bed with bassist Chris Cain for what is about to be another wild night of Rock ‘n’ Roll and unanticipated events as the song reaches its dramatic conclusion. 

In an interview with Mystic Sons, Murray spoke of his latest track by saying "'You’ve Lost Your Shit' is a mea culpa to those friends who’ve had to blow up at me to get me to acknowledge any friction’’  

Instrumentally and structurally, the song is very well written and produced. It is packed with power, raw energy and at times feels as though it is building up to a crescendo without ever reaching its climax. The drums and guitar punch the dynamics into a space that leaves its audience pondering if there will be a resolution of some sort.  

The sixteen-bar intro teases its audience with tension and anticipation before the drums and distorted guitar pierce the soundwaves to create an epic dynamic shift for the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus. At times, the song shares some similarities to the unforgettable era of '90s American pop-punk with regards to the riff, chord progression, distorted guitar, and fast-paced, heavy hitting drum rolls on the toms between the chorus and bridge leaving you feeling energised, entertained, and hungry for more. 

If this track is anything like the songs on their upcoming album, then this exceptional taster will tantalise the musical taste buds for the next few weeks until their new album on October 8. 

Antony Bailey 


Image: We Are Scientists 'You've Lost Your Shit'  Official Artwork 

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