Friday, September 17, 2021

Maejis Mind Return With Psychedelic Daze ‘Dizzy’

James Beasley, the man behind the Maejis Mind music project is originally from Philadelphia and currently residing in Los Angeles. He is the only musician behind the recent project that is sure to create more than just a few ripples across the Atlantic. 

The new psychedelic wave would be best described as three minutes and forty-six seconds of delusion leaving you feeling a little dazed and woozy by the time the song reaches its climax.

The song is audibly reminiscent of a bygone era as the music is influenced by bands such as Jefferson Airplane, Soundgarden, and Tame Impala to name a few but with a modern twist. 

It seems as if Beasley is attempting to revive the psychedelic/alternative era from the mid to latter stages of the twentieth century.  

There is a fair amount of reverb on the vocals and snare drum to create a rather wet and eerie sound at times with the cymbals appearing to sound quite sharp in the recording. 

The use of the wah pedal for the guitar solo combined with a syncopated drum beat drifting between a common and cut common meter near the end of the song goes a long way towards creating a psychedelic and hallucinatory tone that is almost irresistible at times to not playback and put on repeat. 

The carefully balanced blend of instrumentation, compression and dynamics facilitates the song in retaining its psychedelic traits and opens the door to a new wave of hallucinatory music taking you far beyond the confines of your quarantined lives. 

As the song title suggests, the newly released single is likely to leave you feeling ‘dizzy’ especially when you listen to it first thing in the morning where you feel a little dazed and worse for wear at the best of times. 

His latest single entitled ‘Dizzy’ is out now and you can stay tuned to any upcoming release dates from Maejis Mind by subscribing to his website at

Hopefully, there is a lot more to come from the solo artist's alternative and psychedelic music project which is already winning his audience over. 


Antony Bailey 


Image: 'Dizzy' Official Single Cover

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