Friday, September 17, 2021

Adosa Gray turns up the heat with her new single, ‘Fire’

Following previous releases, ‘Exes’ and ‘Someone’, the undiscovered Scottish singer-songwriter drops latest single 'Fire', honing her sound to produce what might be her best song yet. 

Adosa Gray undoubtedly has a penchant for songwriting. The Dundee musician cemented her passion after attending songwriting workshops while studying Psychology at NYU.

Years after graduating, armed with a master’s degree in songwriting as well, Gray’s academic accolades are evident in her work. Each release is a keen observation of human behaviour, both introspective and external, expressed in simple yet elegant prose, adept with wordplay. 


In her latest single, Gray depicts the lingering effects of a relationship turned sour, putting up insurmountable walls, for the sake of self-preservation: “I’ve played with fire and all I’ve learnt / If a spark never burns / We don’t get hurt.” Concessive, somewhat demoralized, lyricism is at odds with the bright optimistic instrumentation throughout the track. Yet, when the bridge hits and Gray professes, “Don’t say you might be falling, I won’t fall in / I’m not falling…” it’s hard to tell who she’s trying to convince - herself or her significant other. Whoever it is, it sticks, painting a cruel picture of the tenacity of heartbreak.  


Produced by the London-based multi-instrumentalist Louis Takooree, the new single’s sound is consistent with previous tracks. Yet, while still traversing indie and dream pop, ‘Fire’ is more refined than the rest: the composition, more minimal and ambient, allowing Gray’s lyricism to truly sing. 


Gray’s previous work marks the trajectory of an up-and-coming artist. However, with her latest single, ‘Fire’, relatable lyricism accompanied by polished production firmly cements that status. Here, she proclaims that Adosa is here to stay and that we will be hearing much more of her work in the years to come… 

Elina Ganatra


Image: Fire Official Single Artwork 

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