Thursday, September 16, 2021

Mild High Club hit all the right notes with their new album ‘Going Going Gone’

Alexander Brettin is the creative genius behind Mild High Club, formed in 2013, he released his first album ‘Timeline’ in 2015. They followed that up with their second LP ‘Skiptracing’ in 2016 and now in 2021, after five years of waiting, they’ve finally released their third album. 

Titled ‘Going Going Gone’ the album pushes the Club’s groovy sound to the absolute limits.

Opening with ‘Kluges I,’ a short track that allows the listener to take their seats and prepare for take-off. It’s a well-produced, jazz-centric piece that’s uplifting and manages to really give the listener an idea of things to come. 

Next up it’s ‘Dionysian State’. This is the track that the band chose to hype up the album and it's easy to see why. It’s got the classic Mild High Club sound that fans have come to love. It’s no doubt that Brettins draws inspiration from the likes of The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan,  yet he still manages to put his own spin on a classic sound. The song begins with more fantastic drums, before the synth arrives, giving the track a more uplifting tone.  The title feels incredibly suitable for the track as the lyrics highlight the endless consumption of media we’ve been exposed to as a result of the coronavirus. The track also explores the various lockdowns that have occurred over the last year and a half.

Further down the tracklist, we have ‘A New High’ which continues the album’s overall uplifting and charming vibe. It’s a complex track, with quite a lot going on. It starts off with a grand piano before it slowly morphs into a more upbeat song. There’s quite a lot of percussion used here too. The faster tempo as well as the softer notes used here really compliment the track well. It’s super easy to just close your eyes and let the music lead the way.

Fast-forwarding to ‘Kluges II’ a song that gives off a sci-fi atmosphere, it comes complete with the classic Vangelis-esque synth sound. It’s a particularly groovy track, with some great sounds coming from the guitar. All in all, it’s a great track that really showcases the Club's many creative talents.

One particular favourite from the album is ‘Me Myself and Dollar Hell’. It opens with a killer drum riff that features some complex moments of asymmetry throughout. It really gives the track that extra element of depth. 

The album reaches its culmination with ‘Holding Onto Me' - featuring synths and electronic effects, the band manages to incorporate a unique horror element into their sound.

‘Going Going Gone’ is a slow-burning, easy listening flight with complimentary vibes of grooviness. Whilst ‘Skiptracing’ was an improvement on ‘Timeline’, ‘Going Going Gone’ is an improvement on both albums. It manages to take the Club’s classic sound and refine it, while still managing to branch out into new directions with tracks like ‘A New High’. The album's charming, happy vibes take you on a flight that explores many genres including jazz, psychedelic rock, and electronic

‘Going Going Gone’ is a fantastic journey by the Mild High Club - I just wish it could have lasted that little bit longer.


Liam Russell


Image: ‘Dionysian State’ Official Single Artwork

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