Monday, September 20, 2021

Matilda Cole shares heart-breaking memories of her childhood in intimate new single ‘Camden’

With dreamy, reverb-drenched guitars and delicate Holly Humberstone-esque vocals, Matilda Cole’s latest release ‘Camden’ is an agonising plea, longing for the days before her parents separated. 

‘Camden’ is taken from her forthcoming EP, which she describes as “a collection of songs about the reality of growing up.” This track is a true reflection of that statement, as Cole deeply contemplates the impact of her family's broken home.  


Less than ten seconds into the song, Cole delivers the crushing line “Hey kids, you know we still love you.” The line, articulated from the perspective of her father, immediately places you in that scene, with the protagonist struggling to comprehend how a seemingly stable family relationship was disintegrating behind the scenes.

‘Camden’ is produced by Bastian Langebæk, who has worked with the likes of Jessie Ware, Rita Ora, and Zara Larsson. Cole imbues the track with emotional depth, showcasing her storytelling prowess, and this bodes perfectly with the production. It takes a lot of guts to open up on the emotionally heavy experience of watching your family break apart, but she uses these bleak memories to craft a beautifully poignant ballad.


The production on the track is somewhat subtle but intricate thanks to Bastian. The guitar sits sensitively under Cole’s gentle rasp, and as the track builds towards the chorus there’s tasteful use of vintage drum loops and synths. 


In her recent Instagram post, Cole asked her fans to “Please be gentle with this song.” It’s no surprise as she has truly poured her heart into this beautifully honest composition. 


As long as she’s got more memories to share, Matilda Cole will be an ever-present soundtrack for your melancholy nights.


Euan Blackman

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Image: Matilda Cole ‘Camden’ Official Single Artwork

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