Thursday, September 23, 2021

Snail Mail gets lovelorn in new single ‘Valentine’

Snail Mail is the project of singer and guitarist Lindsey Jordan. ‘Valentine’ is a carefully produced, beautifully crafted piece which brings salt and endeavour to Snail Mails’ current discography. 

The song has some more self-assured moments aside from the deep festival chorus and it is in those moments we hear a yearning - Jordan is lovelorn. “Believe me I adore you” is such a powerful lyric and we can hear sentiment there. 

“Believe me I was made for you,” Jordan sings in an aplomb manner. The song is fairly short, with an edgy guitar chiming in before the chorus. All the jealousy and heartbreak is apparent as the song steps into a long goodbye.

Snappy and with a clear direction this song is the soundtrack to your Autumn. 

The video that falls alongside it sees her drinking wine as she sees lovers kissing across the room. The costume design is second to none.  Dressed in a maid's uniform, the video is elegantly shot and the perfect accompaniment to Jordan’s lush vocal performance.

'Valentine’ is out now on Matador Records.

Jacqueline Bowerman


Image: 'Valentine' Official Single Artwork

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