Monday, September 06, 2021

The Long War share their Californian Nostalgia in ‘Deeper Blue’

Indie rock band The Long War has released their new single ‘Deeper Blue’ a hazy, dreamy track that makes you long for something you once lost. 

The Canadian band formed in Vancouver in 2016, and their song ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ was named one of CBC Music's Top 100 tracks that year after winning the 2017 CBC Searchlight Contest. CBC debuted their first album ‘LANDSCAPES’ on their First Play in 2018. 

On their website, the band describes themselves as: “The Long War is a war of attrition.  It is a shared philosophy between five people all on the same path that through hard work and honesty, beautifully authentic music can be made.” 

The single is from their forthcoming album ‘Under a Heavy Sky’ which is set to release October 22nd. 

Fans of Mac DeMarco’s signature indie sound, along with Wolf Alice’s softer tracks are sure to be pleasantly surprised. 

The track begins with a relaxing, melodious ambiance that remains throughout. It's wonderfully slow-paced, permitting us to relax and appreciate the single's comforting atmosphere. Guitar, drums, and a keyboard come together to create a soothing, harmonic sound that transports us to a hazy, dreamlike feeling. We can practically envision the California coastline and the conflicted emotions the vocalist sings about while listening. 

The lyrics present a narrative about a nostalgic period with a melancholy undertone. “Oh California/ like the memory of a song.” It's about California and how the experiences we have there may have such a profound impact on us, along with how we remember it. 

In the release of the single’s music video, the band's singer/songwriter Jarret Lee said about the single: “…the song is about the struggle between holding on and letting go. It's a place and time where I learned to embrace the beauty in life, good and bad.” 

I believe they have established this, and the use of a serene, comforting melody allows us to listen attentively and connect with the narrative. Moreover, it allows us to take our time and completely immerse ourselves in the song, to the good and bad it speaks of. 

Many of us can relate to the feeling of nostalgia, reflecting on how we once felt about a situation and how we may feel now. ‘Deeper Blue’ captures it perfectly whilst blessing us with a comforting indie track. 

If the new album is anything like ‘Deeper Blue’ then we have something to truly look forward to. You can stream the new single on Spotify now. 

Lilly Hilton 


 Image: Deeper Blue Official Single Artwork 

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