Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane with Red Rum Club’s nostalgic new single‘Vibrate’

Between a catchy drumbeat and droning bass, ‘Vibrate’ brings something of a nostalgic buzz to the contemporary indie-rock scene. 

Their sound is made unique by 1980s musical influences, as well as bandmate Joe Corby’s interwoven trumpet motif which elevates the idiosyncrasy of each of their tracks. 

Beyond all these features, which coalesce into an individual and distinctive sound, this track also pays homage to the indie-rock soundscape of the 2010s. 

This nostalgic tone is mirrored in the dream-like music video, following Doran through the twinkling lights and vibrant colours of Blackpool pier as he explores the song’s themes of mournful repentance. 

Even the composition of the shots seem to point to discreet reminiscence, with a distinct grain which is characteristic of Super-8 film and vintage camcorders. 


This overall suggestion of sentimentality for days past is fitting when paired with the song's central themes. Confessions of drunken infidelity turn to heartbroken regret as the song tells a tale of a fruitful relationship gone sour over an affair that was not worth the trouble. Amid the textbook excuses and explanations typical of a cheating partner, Doran sings: "Do I love her? / Probably not", encapsulating the lasting impact of this moment of weakness. 


As we turn our backs on the industry-wide heartbreak of 2020 and look towards the promising resurgence of live music in 2021, I can only hope to see more of Red Rum Club’s poetic lyricism and artful composition. They return to the stage on their upcoming headline tour, giving us all a taste of what we have been so desperately missing. 


Alicia Byrne


Image Source: Red Rum Club ‘Vibrate’ Official Single Artwork


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