Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Exploring the EP full of pure substance, honesty and value: ‘Drink Like A God’ by Ben Power

Ben Power has released his debut EP ‘Drink Like A God’. A collection of 5 tracks that Ben describes on his website as being an ode “to late-night lust, to dreams, to longing for home and to drinking for the muse”, the EP already holds a status of promise and wonder. 

Opening with the acoustically led ‘California’, it’s a gentle and welcoming way to introduce the EP.

The acoustic plucked guitar combined with the gentle piano could easily place the song in a ‘Sunday Morning’ playlist or in a relaxing coffee shop. Leading into the second verse, Ben bolsters the song with a full drum-kit and electrifying guitar solos, building the song to a climactic instrumental.

Although initially understated, ‘California’ immediately establishes the level of musicality the band possesses; consisting of Ben Power on lead vocals, Brendan Walsh on piano, and Matt Erickson on lead guitar, the composition’s end-result is well put together and a great indication of the maturity the rest of the EP may also possess.

Title-track ‘Drink Like A God’ is up next. With a series of enticing invitations like “let's leave our minds somewhere in the dark / let’s unravel our darkest dreams” it's apparent this is a song of intrigue, allure and lust. The song almost comes across as mischievous, and in this regard, has earned the right to be the title track. Dramatic arpeggiated guitars further enhance the storytelling nature of the track and really help in making the listener hang onto every word Ben sings, desperate to add more detail into an already vivid picture. 

Third track, ‘My Love’ reveals a more passionate, fiery side to the EP. A sultry and gritty electric guitar carries the majority of the track, and minimalistic drum beats make for a seductive atmosphere as Ben confesses his longing for “one last taste”. Adding to this romantic enticement, Ben adapts a raspier vocal tone that further portrays his desires. 

Penultimate track, ‘Jessica’ again demonstrates the musicians ability to perform in yet another style of music, this time composing an impressive power ballad. The addition of synthesised strings around the halfway mark provide another layer to the EP as a whole, and give further acclaim to Ben’s diversity in his songwriting skills. 

Final track, ‘Light A Candle’, brings us full circle by returning to the EP’s acoustic roots. Ben’s voice is filled with as much conviction as ever, boldly resonant with poignant lyricism “I found her in my scars / drunk alone in empty bars”  and “in my weakness in my fear / in the rain I broke tears”.  

Drink Like A God’ cannot be faulted; Ben has delivered nothing but inspiring lyricism, marvellous production, stellar arrangements and pure creativity. The EP has done exactly what it has set out to do by bringing us a powerful body of work reflecting on the impact our loved ones can have on us, the excitement in chasing dreams, and the vulnerability found in honest moments.

Rachel Feehan
@rachiefee @rachel_feehan
IMAGE: Drink Like A God EP Official Artwork 

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