Thursday, August 19, 2021


Northern trio Twelve. are back with new single ‘You Don’t Mind’. They’re three friends from Yorkshire consisting of Luke Ryder on guitar and vocals, Tom Brady on bass and Ross Ingham on drums, whose jokes about starting a band became a reality upon the release of debut single ‘3am Thoughts’ back in May.

You Don’t Mind’ was recorded in a Leeds studio with production by Ryder and mixing and mastering by Mickey Dale. 

With a fast pace and Ingham’s drums at the forefront, the new single is different to ‘3am Thoughts’ by an impressive stretch highlighting how versatile Twelve. have the potential to be.


However, fans of the band’s debut will undoubtedly be happy with the new single as it carries the same charm. There is a continuation of the story where a man questions the relationship he’s found himself in. This story isn’t simple by any means, he’s happy and comfortable where he is but wonders if something more lies beyond this comfort zone. Ryder communicates this story with memorable but no-frills lyrics like “she’s not the apple, but she’s in your eye”.


The boys new single is sure to earn them further recognition as ‘3am Thoughts’ did with airplay on BBC Radio York and a steady flow of streaming and attention on social media.


Accompanying the story are rockier sounds than ‘3am Thoughts’ had, where the first single was for fans of ballads like Catfish and the Bottlemen’s ‘Cocoon’, ‘You Don’t Mind’ is for fans of anthems like Foo Fighter’s ‘Everlong’. The distinction between these first two singles is a notable achievement for a band so fresh. The structure of the track is sanded and smooth but at the same time sounds like it’s been recorded live, which is a golden combination if you can make it happen.


The woman at the centre of this story is painted as a true Arctic Monkeys “top shop princess/ a rockstar too” with details that show Ryder to be a storyteller. There is an Arctics feel to the band in general that fans will respond to with polished sounds and poetic lyrics. Twelve. are destined for the live stage with crashing choruses and fast paced tracks like ‘You Don’t Mind’.


The band tell us that they’re ready to go out and play shows in the post-pandemic return to live music with plans to coincide these with new releases.


“We’re a small band with big plans. We’re called Twelve. and we’re just getting started” -Twelve.


Daisy Fitzgerald.

Instagram: daisyfitz2

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Image: ‘You Don’t Mind’ Official Single Artwork

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