Friday, August 06, 2021

Rising Talent Carson Aday returns with ‘My Small Handful Of Gold’

18-year-old Carson Aday has released his latest single, ‘My Small Handful Of Gold’, detailing the struggles of heartbreak. The heartfelt track draws parallels to the works of other indie artists, such as Ben Howard. Aday seems to have a way with words, which is surprising for someone who is such a young age.

Instrumentation drives the track, as it takes the form of an exceptionally memorable song, defined by a definitive drum beat and purposeful electric guitar. The song rings true to Aday’s previously released single ‘Ode To The Strokes’, which hints that this may be a recurring motif on the singer’s upcoming album, set to be released in autumn.


If Aday excels at one thing, in particular, it is making tracks that stick in your head. The looping electric guitars in the background of his tracks are something that you find yourself swaying along to, specifically during the opening of ‘My Small Handful Of Gold - it is the perfect track to be played at any gig! 


The single artwork portrays Aday as being lost in thought whilst viewing a detailed painting, aptly reflecting the tone of the song. The lyrics detail the singer pleading for help after suffering heartbreak as he is ‘’driving uptown without a purpose or a way’’ because his ‘’heart is on the brink of breaking’’. This raw and honest lyricism is appreciated in such a busy music industry, where many artists fail to sing about anything that is truly relatable. Hearing Aday sing, ‘’I give to you my heart torn in two’’, is also refreshing because of his relatively young age - if this is the soul-baring approach that he is taking now, it’s safe to say that his career will only be on the rise from here if he remains to be true to himself. 


‘My Small Handful Of Gold’ is available to stream now.



Amrit Virdi 

@_amritvirdi @thevinylwriter

Image: My Small Handful Of Gold Single Artwork

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