Friday, August 06, 2021

‘You Gotta Move’ real slow in Nick Cody and The Heartache’s newest single

Nick Cody and his latest ensemble have just released their newest single, ‘You Gotta Move’ a follow up to ‘Can’t Stop’ which was their debut single which dropped earlier this summer.

Influenced by artists such as Hall and Oates and Steely Dan, Nick is an independent artist who works collaboratively and often brings great musicians together to create songs that are truly unique. Nick Cody and The Heartache is made up of Nick on vocals and guitar, Howard Taylor on Bass, Joshua Burnell on Keys, and Agi providing the backing vocals. 

The group christened themselves Nick Cody and The Heartache because the songs are bittersweet, talking about love and heartbreak. However, this isn't the case in their latest single, ‘You Gotta Move’, as in fact, it's quite the opposite.  Like the title suggests, the track talks about moving your body, connecting the mind and body. 

"You gotta move / real slow / give your mind and body the chance to flow"

The lyrics create a memorable melody that will definitely have you moving on the dance floor. The song takes you to somewhere else, and when you close your eyes you can imagine hearing this song being played in a 1960’s club disco. 

This track has some really groovy beats with an electric feel, complete with gorgeous harmonies that really compliment Nick’s vocals. This is accompanied by mellow keys and a fantastic guitar solo from Nick himself. ‘You Gotta Move’ is most definitely one of those songs that you hear once and you’ll find yourself tapping your feet, still humming the tune days later. 

Nick Cody currently has multiple projects on the go. I excitedly await to see which direction Nick takes his music in next, and what incredible musicians he will work with next. 

Rosie Morrison


Image: Karen Turner

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